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Benefit Design and Procurement

Transparency and Cost Containment


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Exhaustive Marketing Effort

Identify your cost drivers and deploy best of class partner solutions to drive savings and value.  Our partners offer other value added services you may not find in the traditional market.


  • Fully insured/Self-funded benefit programs
  • Reinsurance
  • Life & Disability
  • Voluntary/Worksite Benefits
  • Third Party Administration
    • COBRA
    • H.S.A.
    • FSA
    • FMLA


Self-Funding Feasibility

Keep your benefits while reducing your cost

Larger employers that are fully insured should start with a self funded feasibility analysis.  There are significant savings with a self funded model because of the elimination of certain taxes and fees, pharmacy overhead and administration. 



Unify your HR and finance departments with clear goals and objectives.  What is the purpose of your benefit program?  Where do you want to be in comparison to your peers of like size, geographic location or industry?  Where is your current cost in alignment with your peers?  Our benchmarking analysis will allow you to easily make those decisions and define ongoing monitoring of your benefit program.


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Costco Health Solutions - Pharmacy Benefit Management

Decisions made easy

Like your business we keep a tight control of expenses and work hard to negotiate on behalf of your company to keep prescription prices in check.  Our offer is simple- let us review your existing pharmacy costs and provide a comprehensive analysis of existing cost saving opportunities.   

Key points:

  • Employees do not need to be a Costco member to access the Costco Pharmacy.
  • Leverage Costco’s industry leading pharmacy pricing.
  • Costco 90 day allows for mail order discounts with pharmacy pick up.


Drug Utilization Review

By preventing medication misuse, Costco clients will realize definitive, measurable savings.  Costco Health Solutions uses three methods of drug utilization review (DUR) to ensure medications are used properly and within normal ranges:  Prospective (PDUR), Concurrent (CDUR) and Retrospective (RDUR). 


  • The Prospective DUR program (PDUR) involves the evaluation of a patient’s drug therapy before a medication is dispensed.  This process enables the pharmacist to identify and resolve problems before the patient has received a medication.
  • The Concurrent DUR program (CDUR) provides clinical monitoring of prescription drugs at the point of sale. The DUR system is designed to encourage cost-effective, high-quality drug therapy at the point of sale by notifying pharmacists of potential drug therapy complications before prescriptions are dispensed.
  • The Retrospective DUR program (RDUR) serves as a physician and pharmacist resource for improving and coordinating drug therapy for their patients. The overall goal is to provide an integrated approach to ensure that effective and safe medication treatments are delivered with optimal medical and economic value.


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Drug Therapy

Our programs are accredited by URAC and offer high-risk populations a full range of disease intervention services. The goal of these programs is to provide an integrated approach to ensure that safe and effective drug therapy treatments are delivered with optimal medical and economic value.

Costco Health Solutions includes many high-performing clinical programs as standard. All drug utilization management program communications provide actionable information to prescribers, members and pharmacists.


Mail Order

  • Best in industry value and service
    • An acquisition cost-plus model
    • High-touch member service focus
    • A full complement of mail order programs and services
    • Adheres to transparent, pass-through business model
    • Employs the same MAC list that is used for retail
    • Commitment to service excellence to ensure clients and members receive the highest quality mail service available

  • Plus an integrated retail and mail service environment
    • Access to 90 day fill at Retail
    • 24/7 access to Customer Care Representatives and pharmacists
    • 48-hour turnaround time for complete mail orders
    • Overnight delivery available for urgent situations
    • Notification to members within 30 minutes of order shipment


Costco Health Solutions routinely provides clients with timely prescription drug utilization data. This information helps assess differences and similarities in outcomes between medications and medication classes. Prescription use data can be supplied to assist in evaluating the cost effectiveness of research programs.


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